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Sports and Entertainment

Trusted by Dallas Sport Franchises

Driven by consideration, discretion, and a desire to empower professional athletes, musicians, and artists. The KW Sports + Entertainment provides a great network with connecting you with other agents that works with professional athletes, musicians, and artists regularly to provide smooth transition moving to a different location.


Trust and Confidentiality

Our team provides a reputation for trustworthiness, discretion, and professionalism. We strive to maintain confidentiality throughout the process, such as discreet showings, personal information, and property details. We believe in providing exceptional customer service, tailored services, and going that extra mile to ensure you receive the best experience.


Pro Football Realty

We are a group of former NFL players that are highly trained real estate advisors. We've been in your shoes in professional sports industry and now we celebrate our wins off the field in real estate. You won't be pestered with questions and pictures like other agents who don't come from this world. We know the tedious schedule that professional athletes go through and how important privacy is. 

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